Vindicator Quality Aluminium Trailers


Watson’s Marine custom builds aluminium trailers in a range of designs to suit your application – Boat Trailers for Glass & Aluminium Boats, Cat Trailers, Machinery Trailers, Motor Bike Trailers, Quad Trailers, Golf Cart / Box Trailers, Car Trailers, Plant Trailers, Jet Ski Trailers, Ski Boat Trailers etc. Single, Dual or Tri Axles Trailers. If you need a trailer, Watson’s Marine can manufacture it. Our aluminum trailers are built with Australian Steel Axles, Australian Springs, Rollers, Jockey Wheels & Winches. We use Australian Made first & foremost where we can.

aluminium boat trailer

At Watson’s Marine there are a number of key operations within our production of alloy Boats & Aluminium Trailers that set us apart. These operations provide true value to you and enable us to provide industry leading quality products. We pride ourselves in providing customized aluminium trailers to meet your needs. Dealing with us, the trailer manufacturer, gives you the advantage of being able to work side by side with us when building your trailer, assuring you get exactly what you require every time. We strive to involve you through every stage of the aluminium trailer design & build process. You are not just a customer but an integral team member in our project.

Trailer Manufacturers with a Difference

Many trailer manufacturers today do everything they can to incorporate cost cutting measures in production that lead to reduced sale prices. This often comes at the expense of quality and identifiable value to you. As with all successful businesses, the Vindicator Range of Plate Alloy Boats & Aluminium Trailers continues to succeed, based on our reputation, working ethics and tirelessly going above and beyond – it’s the only way we know how work our business, and the last 45 years tell the story.

Watsons Marine Offer Unequalled Service & Warranty

Our service and warranty is unequalled in its dedication to customer satisfaction. The service team is led by the owners of Watson’s Marine, offering direct and immediate decision-making on any request.

Vindicator Quality Aluminium Trailers

Vindicator Quality Aluminium Trailers are designed and built under the Australian Design Ruling – ADR. They are built from Australian Structural Aluminium and Australian Steel on our sub frames, axles and springs, producing trailers that are strong, easy to launch, retrieve and tow. We believe in Load Sharing suspension. If you have the need for a Tandem or Tri Axle Trailer, load sharing suspension is the way to go, spreading the load evenly over the axles, providing a very smooth ride for you and your load, and which also enables ease of manoeuvring.

Vindicator Quality Aluminium Plate Trailers, strongly built and “Built for the Long Haul”

Vindicator Quality Custom Alloy Trailers

These Trailers can be built to suit different tonnage, with No Brakes, Override Brakes fitted with stainless cable and fittings or Electric Brakes fitted with Carlyle Hydro Star System & Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hoses, Galvanized Hubs & Axles or upgrade to the Titan Dacromet or Stainless Steel Ventilated Brake System. Jarrett 10:1- 5:1- 1:1 Hand Winch with Dynex 75 12 strand braded winch rope & winch cover. Top quality LED Trailer Lights, LED Mudguard Clearance Lights & 6 large reflectors riveted on, Heavy Duty Coupling & Chains with Rated Shackles.

Teflon between the steel sub-frame and the alloy frame, Alloy Wheels with Light Truck Tyres to suit the size of trailer, Custom made Alloy Spare Wheel Carrier, Spare Wheel & Padlock, Australian Heavy Duty solid Jockey Wheel for easy of movement, Timken Bearings & Stainless Steel Bearing Buddies to match axle size. A ladder rack system down the centre has stainless steel spindles & split pins, Australian Rollers & Teflon Sliders each side of the ladder rack to suit Alloy or Fibreglass Boats. The entry cradle also has Teflon to protect your boat on entry, making it very easy to drive on. Adjustable side wobble roller rack system to fully support your vessel. All of these things put together makes the Vindicator Quality Aluminium Boat Trailers very easy to Launch, Retrieve and Tow – Check out our testimonials on Vindicator Trailers.

Optional Extras on Trailers – # Surf Bar # Electric Power Winch

Quality of Our Products & Our Customer Care is paramount to us in reaching our goal
of providing the best possible Boat & Trailer solution for our customers.
Watson’s Marine have always gone that extra distance to ensure our customers
receive a product they are very proud to own.

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