Mar 202014

6.2m Vindicator - Greg & Jen Little

We started looking for a “largish” plate aluminium boat about 4 years ago something to give us a bit of freedom for a growing family. It started when we saw a nice looking boat at the Townsville Boat Show. After that it was a matter of going through all our options and investigating exactly what we wanted.

I personally have dreamt of having a large boat for many years but when we finally spoke to Frank and Denise we knew that they would be the people to help our dream come true. For whatever reason we were aiming at the Vindicator 5.80 and after checking out weights, heights etc we ended up with the 620!! – It is awesome to say the least.

Since we took delivery in early 2012 we have had numerous day trips and overnight trips out from Townsville and Lucinda. The 620 Vindicator handles superbly and is extremely comfortable – we couldn’t ask for a much safer vessel.

We am very happy we have gone this way and we look forward to many more years of enjoyable fishing and boating time on our pride and joy.

GJCM Surveys – Greg & Jenny Little – Bushland Beach, Townsville. 4810
Vindicator Quality Aluminium Boat – “Shuckle’s Cruz”

6.2m Vindicator Half Cabin “Shuckle’s Cruz”6.2m Vindicator in the Townsville Waters6.2m Vindicator Half Cabin “Shuckle’s Cruz”6.2m Vindicator Half Cabin “Shuckle’s Cruz”6.2m Vindicator Half Cabin “Shuckle’s Cruz”6.2m Vindicator Half Cabin “Shuckle’s Cruz”Chrisminkota electric enginepate alloy boats6.2m Vindicator Half Cabin “Shuckle’s Cruz”