Mar 202014

Jason & Ngaire's Roller on Trailer

I had been on the search for a trailer for my new roller, looking from Darwin to Sydney. We could not find something that would do the job, so we decided to go down the path of building one.

I needed something to suit the specifications due to the load it was going to carry, the durability and tare weights. So we decided to go with alloy and that in itself was a real challenge.

For one we had to find a trailer that would stand up to the task, due to long trips over bad roads. The products out there are somewhat flimsy and the costs go through the roof for what you get.
I was down in my shed where I normally go for a bit of time out, polishing my other love, my Vindicator Boat – “Sonar”. This boat is a product of great design, finish and quality for anything I have ever bought.

Our Vindicator Boat & Trailer – What great products!

So for a while I thought of having a trailer like what is under my boat. Maybe I could have a trailer like that under the combo roller – How good would that be! The call was made to Watson’s Marine and like always, spoke to Frank, and the question was asked.

Frank, can you build me a trailer, which will do what I need and will carry what I need to carry?

Frank replied, “We will do that for you Jason, no worries”.

So once a few design and engineering requirements were spoken about, it was on the drawing board. As always behind a good man there is a good woman. Denise works really hard to achieve the best for you, find the best possible products for your Boat & Trailer. Always keeping in touch with us, throughout the building of our Boat & Trailers with photos & phone calls which was very much appreciated.

Our Boat & Trailers are very well made and also well executed throughout the construction. Once again Frank Denise & Team at Watsons Marine – Thanks very much for great products.

Curtis Coast Driveways – Jason & Ngaire Benvenuti – Tannum Sands, 4680
Vindicator Quality Aluminium Boat & Trailer – “Sonar”

Vindicator Boat "Sonar" and TrailerVindicator Boat "Sonar"Vindicator Boat "Sonar"Vindicator Boat "Sonar"Vindicator Boat "Sonar"Vindicator Boat "Sonar"Vindicator Alloy Machinery TrailerVindicator Alloy Machinery TrailerVindicator Boat "Sonar"