Sep 132016

Watson’s Marine design and build their boats and trailers based on their many years’ experience on the water – after all, they are first and foremost fishermen and boaties. That’s why the Vindicator range has loads of helpful features that other boats simply don’t have, things like rolled edges to prevent water entering the boat and wetting the deck.

They build products that are tried and true; everything they build, boats, trailers refits etc. is constructed to the highest standards. They are hands on, and they take personal pride in every product they build. And they deliver! This week sees them on the road taking a very special craft to Ceduna.

6-2m6.20 Metre Vindicator Half Cabin Specs

This beauty is designed to carry seven people in calm waters.

The overall length of the vessel is 6.80 m – survey length, the bow spit to the back of the vessel. It has a cockpit length of 2.85m (from standard seating boxes to the front of the battery shelf). The bunk-cushion length is 1.88, so it’s long enough for you big guys.

The depth of the boat is 1.45m with an internal depth of .75m (floor to gun whale), making it very easy on your back when fishing those long days.  It weighs approximately 1120 kilograms and a maximum of 225 horsepower is recommended. Most of the 6.2m Vindicators sold are fitted very happily with the Yamaha 200hp Four Stroke V6 Model.

6-2metre-boatWatson’s Marine has designed their boats with loads of features as standard. That’s just the way they like to do things. Pack & Go. The Vindicator comes with a 5 Years Dry Storage Construction Warranty for your peace of mind.

More about the 6.20 Vindicator next time.

If you would like to know more about Watson’s luxury range of Vindicators, Denise would love to hear from you. Or you can email her at and she will send you a questionnaire designed to help choose the right boat for you.