Apr 252016
fishing & boating tips

The team at Watson’s Marine has one thing in common: we love boating and love to fish. Over the years we’ve picked up a few helpful fishing tips that we’d like to pass on to our readers.

Fishing & Boating Tip 1 – Be Prepared

The old adage, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure, is also true for fisherman. Before you head out in the fishing boat make sure you have attended to regular boat & trailer maintenance. Give your engine a run and go over the battery and electronics to make sure they are working well. Check your trailer, bearings, rollers etc. If in doubt, give the crew at Watson’s a call, and we will get your boat & trailer in tip top running condition. You don’t want to be one of those fishermen who get to the boat ramp only to discover you have engine trouble.

Make sure your rods and reels are working well, they too need to be maintained. Tony from Fisherman’s Warehouse is the man for the job. Regularly check fishing lines, swivels and hooks, replace where necessary. Run your finger over your lines to check for damage, check your knots by giving them a good yank, best to change your hooks each time you go fishing, not worth losing a big fish over.

Don’t waste your valuable fishing time on fix-ups. Check your gear before you hit the water. By being prepared you will ensure a hassle-free relaxing & enjoyable fishing trip.

Fishing & Boating Tip 2 – Name Your Target

It’s a good idea to think about what type of fish you are after. That way you can get organized to catch your target species. Your choice will, of course, be based on the time of year. If you are not sure what’s about in your area, have a chat to some local anglers. Having fishing friends is the best way to find out where the fish are biting too. Other good sources of information is Tony at Fisherman’s Warehouse, Gympie’s best bait shop, boat charter places and internet forums.

Technology also helps take the guess work out of your fishing trip. Sea surface temperature charts can be downloaded from the internet and can help you find fish-holding temperature breaks. These are created using real time satellite images. Long range weather forecasts are also available to help you plan the ideal time for your fishing trip. There are many great weather Apps to download on your phone these days.

So get your gear prepared, find out where the fish are, and have a great fishing trip.

We’d love to hear your favorite fishing tips or fishing news. More tips next time.