Sep 292016

Buying a boat is a very big purchase decision, whether it is a small or large vessel. For many people it is the fulfillment of a dream and a lifestyle that the whole family can enjoy. Watson’s Marine have a full understanding of that feeling, as for many years they have experienced that boating lifestyle within many boats on the water, from small tinnies to ski boats, fishing boats large and small, including a variety of cruisers.

Being life time boat lovers they are more than happy to pass on their knowledge, helping you to purchase the right vessel for you needs. Watson’s Marine has three generations in the trade and over 50 years of experience in the marine trade. That’s what you call a boating family!


Questions to ask before purchasing a boating rig for you & your family

Size of boat you need to accommodate people you wish to take boating?

Are you looking for a purpose-built boat or maybe an all-rounder?

Where would you like to use your boat, offshore or only in protected waters?

Will you be looking to go out for the day or are you interested in weekend trips or longer trips?

Are you looking for Glass or Aluminium?

Would you prefer a four stroke over a two stroke?

Which one of the different designs of boat interior suits you and your family? You can collect brochures & literature on boats, boating equipment and other advice from your local marine dealer.

Do you want a new or maybe a used rig? Pick the right rig to suit your budget. If you are looking to purchase a used vessel have it checked out by an authorized Marine Dealer!

Another important tip is to make sure you have the right hp engine to suit the vessel! Over-powered vessels can become a real problem in the event of an accident on the water. Under-powered vessels can also get you into trouble during bad weather.


When purchasing a boat for outside fishing, look for the following:

1 – Handling characteristics in various sea conditions.

2 – Crew comfort and safety – internal height of gun whale – available deck space.

3 – Four stroke engine, when travelling long distances, cheaper on fuel.

4 – A good trailer to get you to those far away fishing spots.

5 – Good electronics to help find the fish.

6 – Fuel capacity – to reach your favorite outside fishing grounds and enough to return.

7 – Good safe storage for rod, reels and fishing tackle.

8 – Lots of good shelving space to keep the vessel free of gear.

9 – Performance – perfectly matched engines and the correct propeller.

10 – Good set of trim tabs help when returning those long distances in bad weather.


Check out the Boat Warranty

Check out the warranty offered. Warranties are extremely important for your peace of mind.

Watson’s Marine offer a 5 Years Dry Storage Construction Warranty, but they offer more, having a close relationship with each one of their clients is very important to them. They run their business by the Code of Ethics and this is probably why they have been in business for over 50 Years.

1 – Act honestly and fairly in the business dealings with their clients.

2 – Maintain professional courtesy and integrity at all times in their dealings.

3 – Ensure all advertising and representations are truthful and accurate.

4 – At all times act in a environmentally responsible manner.

5 – Do all that is possible to promote safe boating and education practices.

6 – Render accurate, truthful & expert advice to their clients.

7 – Strive for excellence in quality of service and products to their customers.

There is a lot to think about when choosing a boat, but with a bit of thought and the right advice, you and the family will be out enjoying your boat for many years to come. For any boating advice, don’t hesitate to chat with Watson’s Marine.

Sep 132016

Watson’s Marine design and build their boats and trailers based on their many years’ experience on the water – after all, they are first and foremost fishermen and boaties. That’s why the Vindicator range has loads of helpful features that other boats simply don’t have, things like rolled edges to prevent water entering the boat and wetting the deck.

They build products that are tried and true; everything they build, boats, trailers refits etc. is constructed to the highest standards. They are hands on, and they take personal pride in every product they build. And they deliver! This week sees them on the road taking a very special craft to Ceduna.

6-2m6.20 Metre Vindicator Half Cabin Specs

This beauty is designed to carry seven people in calm waters.

The overall length of the vessel is 6.80 m – survey length, the bow spit to the back of the vessel. It has a cockpit length of 2.85m (from standard seating boxes to the front of the battery shelf). The bunk-cushion length is 1.88, so it’s long enough for you big guys.

The depth of the boat is 1.45m with an internal depth of .75m (floor to gun whale), making it very easy on your back when fishing those long days.  It weighs approximately 1120 kilograms and a maximum of 225 horsepower is recommended. Most of the 6.2m Vindicators sold are fitted very happily with the Yamaha 200hp Four Stroke V6 Model.

6-2metre-boatWatson’s Marine has designed their boats with loads of features as standard. That’s just the way they like to do things. Pack & Go. The Vindicator comes with a 5 Years Dry Storage Construction Warranty for your peace of mind.

More about the 6.20 Vindicator next time.

If you would like to know more about Watson’s luxury range of Vindicators, Denise would love to hear from you. Or you can email her at and she will send you a questionnaire designed to help choose the right boat for you.


Aug 292016
5.8m Vindicator Half Cabin

People often ask us the difference between our aluminum boats, so we have decided to take our readers through some of the specs and features of our pleasure craft range. Here’s a snapshot of the 5.8 metre Vindicator Half Cabin.

Facts and Figures – 5.8m Vindicator Half Cabin

The 5.8m Vindicator Half Cabin is 6.2 metres overall. Remember, when comparing boats check the overall measurement. Many buyers are amazed at just how big the Vindicator Range of boats are, compared to the Bar Crusher Range and other vessels. Frank has always believed it should be mandatory that manufacturers of boats measure their boats by Survey Length only. He believes that way everyone is on the same level, making it easier for the customer.

The Vindicator 5.8 metre has a cockpit length of 2.85 metres, a bunk length of 1.88 metres, and measures an overall 6.2 metres. This girl weighs in at around 950 kilograms and has a maximum horsepower rating of 150 hp. It carries six on board in smooth conditions. This is one of their most popular vessels for couples that enjoy outside fishing and  it is often used as a weekend getaway.

Full of Features

Watson’s Marine packs as many features into our standard package as possible.  They are all about quality, in both materials and workmanship, and they don’t skimp on either. They are seasoned boaties and they build everything based on their personal boating experience and the expertise they have gained over many years. This year marks their 50th Year in the marine trade.

The 5.8 metre Vindicator Half Cabin comes with a 5 Years Dry Storage Construction Warranty and standard features include, but are not limited to:

  • 3 Water Tight Compartments filled with Survey Foam
  • Front Hatch & Anchor well
  • Bow Sprit & Bow Roller & Bow Eye
  • Cleat on Front Deck
  • Cross Bollard on Each Corner at Rear
  • Sliding Glass Windows
  • Side Pockets with Edge Trim
  • Wide Side Decks
  • Split Bow Rail, Side Rails & Rear Rails
  • Hydraulic Steering & Stainless Steel Steering Wheel
  • Under Floor Fuel Tank & Deck Fill – Approx. 200 Litres – Larger Available
  • Survey Fuel Tank Sender Unit, Gauge, Hoses & H/D Hose Clamps
  • Fully Self Draining 4mm Aluminum Floor with 2 Alloy Scuppers
  • Under Floor Kill Tank
  • Fuel Filter / Water Separator, Hoses & Connections
  • 5 Large Welded Bung Bases & Bungs
  • 4 Alloy Rod Holders
  • Carpet Lined Hard Top with Rails, Ribbed Carpeted Floor, Carpeted Dash
  • Deluxe Two Pack Paint & Non Skid Deck
  • Swivel, Slider & Foot Rest- Helmsman
  • STD Seats, Deluxe Pedestal Seat with Swivel– Navigator with Foot Rest
  • Front Cabin V Berth Cushions
  • Front Cabin Storage Under Bunk & Shelving
  • Cockpit Under Floor Storage
  • Cabin Grab Rail & Hard Top Grab Rail
  • Overhead Console & Speaker Boxes for Radios
  • Battery Shelf, Batteries, Battery Box, Isolator Switch & Cover
  • Anchor Tube on Front Rail
  • Trim Tab Plates welded onto vessel
  • Custom Stripe & Registration Letters to match
  • Transom sutes Single or Dual Engine Application

All Things Electrical

Safety is a key priority in boating, which is why they ensure their boats are fitted with the best in lighting and electrics. The 5.8 metre Vindicator comes complete with Bilge Pump Hose & solid discharge pipe, LED Navigation Lights Port & Starboard, Led 360, Hard Top Anchor Light, 12 Row Switch Panel, Compass, 2 x LED Rear Deck Lights, 1 x Led Cabin Light, Cigarette Lighter Socket, Dual Batteries, Battery Boxes and Isolator switch.

The Vindicator range of boats & trailers are custom made to order, any extras you require can be added to your boat: that is the beauty of aluminium. Talk to Watson’s Marine about the extra features they offer and the optional extras you may require. They are always happy to extend their optional extra list. Many of their clients engineer great designed optional extras for the Vindicator range of accessories.

Call in to Watson’s Marine, 52 Wickham Street, Gympie Queensland. They’d love to talk boats with you!

Aug 152016
5.5m 5.5m Vindicator Cuddy Cabin

The old saying, different strokes for different folks, is equally true when it comes to fishing boats. Watson’s Marine have a wide range of different aluminum boats for sale, and their own Vindicator Boats & Trailers are built to order. They build their aluminium trailers to suit all kinds of boats. They also sell & service Yamaha outboards to suit the boat you buy, with Watson’s Marine you get the whole package.

So, let’s unpack their series of Vindicator boats, starting with the 5.5m Vindicator Cuddy Cabin.

5.5m Vindicator Cuddy Cabin Specs

Obviously, the Cuddy Cabin measures 5.5 meters in length but is 5.8m overall, important when comparing other vessels as everyone measures their boats differently. Frank measures his vessels by survey length (what fits in a box.). The cockpit length is 2.36 metres, so plenty of room there. The bunk length is a generous 1.8 metres and she weighs approximately 880 kilograms. The maximum horsepower we recommend is 130hp and the Cuddy can take up to 6 people on smooth water.

Features Galore!

The Vindicator Cuddy Cabin has loads of features as standard. Here’s just a few:

  • Excellent warranty – 5 Years Dry Storage Construction Warranty
  • 3 Water Tight Compartments filled with Survey Flotation Foam
  • Front Alloy Hatch & Anchor WellBow Sprit, Bow Roller & Bow Eye
  • Windscreen – Bonded Toughened Safety Glass
  • Half Side Windows & Removable Side Curtains
  • Hard Top, Overhead Radio Console & Speaker Boxes- Also available is a soft top version.
  • Swim Transom
  • Wide Side Decks with rolled sides
  • Split Bow Rail, Side Rails & Rear Rails
  • Hydraulic Steering & Stainless Steel Steering Wheel
  • Under Floor Fuel Tank & Deck Fill – Approx. 180 liters
  • Fully Self Draining 4mm Aluminum Floor with 2 Alloy Scuppers
  • Under Floor Kill Tank
  • 5 Large Alloy Welded Bung Bases & Bungs
  • 4 Alloy Rod Holders welded into gunwale
  • Ribbed Carpeted floor, Carpeted Cabin and Side Pockets
  • Deluxe Two Pack Paint & Non Skid Deck – White
  • Front Cabin Storage Under Bunk & Shelving
  • Trim plates welded to vessel.
  • Cockpit Under Floor Storage
  • Cabin & Hard Top Grab Rail
  • Battery Storage Shelf with Covers & Battery Boxes
  • Single or Twin Engine Transom Installation

And that’s just for starters, As you can see, this is a great little fishing boat and it will give you many happy hours of boating and fishing fun.

Added Extras

And like all our marine craft, the Vindicator Cuddy Cabin can be built with lots of extras. Some of the more popular include:

  • Live bait tank & deck wash combo
  • Deluxe cleaning board, nylon cutting board, bait tray, 6 rod holders & front cabin fan
  • Extra large glove box, a must for every boat
  • Hard top hatches
  • Gunwhale mounted red LED cockpit lights for night fishing
  • Rear telescopic ladder or alloy dive ladder
  • Fold down rear table
  • Portable toilet and recessed toilet holder
  • Fold down seats – rear of seat boxes & front of engine well
  • And of course, a Vindicator quality aluminum trailer

Watson’s Marine pride themselves in building exactly what the customer would like in their vessel.  They will involve you in every step of the process and even provide up-to-the-minute photos of progress during the build. Their Vindicator Quality Aluminium Trailers are custom built for each of the boats, thus being easy to load & unload, a breeze to tow and built strong to last.

This 5.5m Vindicator may be the baby of the fleet but believe me they are a great sea going vessel for inside or outside.


Frank & Glenn took their 5.5m to Frazer Island, loading it on & off the trailer from the beach, going out to sea catching fish & enjoying the time they had over there. The boys where very pleased with its performance, an awesome boat.

If you would like to chat more about this marvelous 5.5m Vindicator Cuddy Cabin, pop in and see us in store at 52 Wickham Street, Gympie, better still visit us at the Brisbane Boat Show (Stand 401).

Aug 082016
latest vortex hull

Brisbane Boat show is on again this year and it’s bound to be bigger and better than ever. That’s why Watson’s Marine will be there, displaying their new Vindicator Quality Aluminium Boats & Trailers. It’s on Friday 19th – Sunday 21st of August at the Brisbane Convention Centre.

The Latest Vortex Hull

They recently introduced the Vortex Design Hull to their 7.2 metre and 6.8 metre Vindicators. They are very keen to show you what their excitement is all about. Call into stand 401, where there will be one each of the new 6.8m & 7.2m Models. The feedback so far has been awesome, check out the latest testimonial to find out more.

Frank, Denise & Glenn Watson will be there to answer any questions you may have about their Vindicator Quality Aluminium Boats & Trailers. This is the perfect opportunity to see the Vindicator Products up close and have your questions answered face to face. Check out the Brisbane Boat Show website, so you know exactly where we are.

DON’T MISS – The Big 7.2m Red Rig & the 6.8m Silver Grey Rig both with different options.

How to Get to the Brisbane Boat Show

The Boat Show is on at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. There is paid parking available on site or you can get there using public transport. The South Brisbane Railway is adjacent to the Convention Centre, buses are also available, or in true Boat Show style, you can travel by catamaran, on a City Cat. The Convention Centre is only a short walk, around 10 minutes, from the city and there are also taxi ranks outside the Centre.

Boats for Sale and So Much More

Apart from oceans of boats for sale, there will also be lots of interesting boating information at the Boat Show. Check out this line up –

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

We’ve been hearing a lot about the Great Barrier Reef lately. Here’s a chance to find out from the experts what they are doing to protect our Reef from illegal activities and other threats to this World Heritage Area.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service

The Moreton Bay Marine Park is protected by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. This area covers a massive 3,400 square kilometres and includes tidal waters, river estuaries and the ocean out to the limit of Queensland Waters.

South East Queensland Water

These water experts provide safe drinking water to South East Queensland. They are also responsible for dams and lakes, where boat lovers enjoy fishing.

Brisbane Water Police

The Brisbane Water Police will be on hand to offer information on their operations in regard to water safety as well as crime and intelligence gathering.

Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol

With an estimated 640,000 recreational fishers and 1,700 commercial fishing operations in Queensland, these guys have their work cut out ensuring compliance to help sustain our fisheries.

Australian Volunteer Coast Guard

Everyone who owns a fishing boat is grateful to the Coast Guard who conduct rescue operations year round. They operate largely on fundraising and deserve our support.

So, come along to see all the latest in boats and marine supplies, and please drop in and see our new Vortex Hull Design.

Jul 102016
6.80m Vindicator Quality Aluminium Fishing Boat “Strike Two”

Like we said last time, fishing can be a lot trickier in the colder months, but we still take the aluminum fishing boat out in winter.  We are lucky enough to enjoy relatively warm water temperatures in our neck of the woods and find that flathead can be caught all year round.

Flatheads adapt to colder temperatures and although they are most active when the water is around 15 – 19 degrees, they can be caught in much colder waters. We recommend you try and pick the warmest day for your fishing trip and look for the warmest water, even a couple of degrees will make a difference. Run-in tides tend to be warmer, and in our experience, you won’t usually find the flatheads biting before about 9am.

Flatheads get nervous about shadows, probably because they are hunted by sea eagles and a shadow can be a signal of impending doom. Overcast conditions help alleviate this problem as does fishing in murkier waters.

Talk to your local bait shop about what the flatties are feeding on to get an idea on which lures to use. When the flatheads are feasting on baitfish they will chase your lure from a distance, whereas if they are in sleep mode you may have to drop the lure right in front of them.

Trolling can work as it allows you to cover a lot more water, just be mindful of the shadow of your boat. Trolling will help you find any active fish that are around. Your Sounder will be a big help when trolling for flathead as it will help you detect the change between mud and sand as well as any baitfish patterns. Trolling rods should be quite soft and a four pound line should be all you need for fishing for flatties in winter. You can rig up four lures, one at around 50 metres away, one as close as around 10 metres and then others in between. A 4 to 6 kilo leader will work for this type of fishing. Try trolling around contours, flats and the edges of weed beds. Trolling is not recommended in windy conditions where a lot of weed is stirred up.

We wish you the best of luck flathead fishing this winter. Let us know how you go.


Jul 062016
6.2m Vindicator Half Cabin “Shuckle’s Cruz”

Just because winter has arrived doesn’t mean you have to hang up your lines. Some species of fish will be in short supply, becoming inactive or swimming off to warmer seas, but some will move into estuaries where the water temperature and food supplies are kinder.

Water Temperature

Watching the water temperature is crucial. If temperatures drop suddenly you will find fish very hard to find so it’s best to aim for water temperature no less than 16 degrees. This will vary depending on where you are in Australia – the further north the warmer the average water temperature will be and the further south, the chillier. Your fishing boat Sounder will be able to keep you informed on water temps. If there are ocean currents pushing cold water with them you will find the first few kilometres of an estuary will be affected. Conversely, if the tide is on the way out the upper areas of the estuary will be coldest, so keep your eye on the tides when planning where to fish. Fish will find warmer spots so look for an area that is full sunlight, and a shallow area will be warmer. Weed growth can also help. If you are fishing off the bank, choose the sunniest side.

Avoid Clear Water

Looking at pristine water may be an enjoyable pastime but clear water is not great for winter fishing. Fish can spot your boat and your hooks in clear water and they will stay away in schools! Fish are on the lookout for predators so if they catch sight of a large moving shape above them, they will be gone in no time.
Try and find water that has a bit of colour about it. Another idea is to throw your line in during low light times, like sun up, sun down or even night fishing. Water clarity is usually less during low tide too.

The Weather

Watch the barometer. If it’s falling rapidly, forget the fishing. Barometric pressure does affect fish, if it’s too low or falling quickly, the fish will become inactive and difficult to catch. If the barometer reading is stable or rising, the fish may be biting. If you don’t have a barometer, watch the weather maps.

Best of luck with your winter fishing. We’d love to hear about your winter catches.