Mar 182014

After many years away from our favourite pastime of fishing my son Brett and I decided that the only way we could spend some quality time together with family and friends was to buy ourselves a good boat. We like offshore fishing as well as being able to put the grandchildren on board for a day on the water in comfort and safety.

The choice of boats on the market is mind boggling, so we set ourselves a few must have features for the boat we would purchase. We wanted a boat that we could go offshore safely set up by someone who understands fishing. We also wanted the option of towing and launching the boat off the beach at Fraser Island.

After a lot of useless research we found ourselves at Watson’s Marine in Gympie. I have known Frank, Denise and Glenn for a long time and knew from experience that Frank understands what fishing offshore is all about. We walked into Watson’s to have a look at the 5.5 metre Vindicator only to find that there was a 7.2 metre Vindicator on the yard as well. When we considered our options the 7.2 Vindicator was the boat we’d been looking for.

After having several trips offshore from the Sunshine Coast, Fraser Island and 1770 we are very pleased with the overall performance of all aspects of our Vindicator. The most surprising thing is the low noise level for an alloy boat. Fuel efficiency and fuel capacity allows us to do overnight trips with plenty of fuel in reserve. We also completed a bar crossing one day course with Bill Corten on the Stradbroke bar. This is something I could highly recommend to any new boaties, not only did we hone our own skills but we were able to fully test the Vindicator under some pretty severe conditions.

Owning our Vindicator is an enjoyable experience because we have the full package, a trouble free boat, excellent back up service and friendly advice.

Ken & Brett Mills Ken Mills Toyota
Ken Mills Toyota
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Vindicator 7.2m Half Cabin