May 052014
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My wife Joanne and I went to the Brisbane International Boat Show purely to look at boat trailers for our 660 Whittley as our old one was past its use by date. We had both decided we needed to find a trailer that would last the life of our boat. After looking at several trailers we came upon Vindicator Quality Aluminium Trailers, built in Gympie. Being directly involved in aircraft engineering I knew what exactly to look for in an aluminium trailer.

After seeing the Vindicator Alloy Trailers and after talking to Frank, Denise and Glenn we both knew these trailers were built strong, reliably and built for the long haul. It was not long after the show our trailer was underway. We decided to go with the Stainless Steel braking system, stainless discs, callipers etc.

Frank, your choice of the American Braking System was definitely the way to go, rewarding us with a greater braking force than the steel discs not to mention less to maintain. I now have the brake controller slider set pretty close to minimum and still feel the pleasant sensation of the fully loaded trailer helping to bring the landcruiser to a stop”.

I also asked Frank if he could build a ladder in front of trailer for boarding the boat from the front as we have a Mercruiser Inboard, we have to sink well into the water when launching and retrieving.

Frank, WELL DONE! It is such a cleaver design and optimally placed, that before you know it, you are on the front deck. Even at home, we prefer to enter the boat using your ladder rather than the ladder on the back of the marlin board”.

Joanne and I find launching and retrieving the vessel by ourselves very, very easy due to your great trailer design. We are both 100% happy not only with your construction, service, the ease to launch and retrieve but also just how convinced we both are with how easy it is to tow at all speeds.

Thank you both for an excellent product which I am sure we will have for a lifetime.

Ray & Joanne Bissett, c/o TAE, RAAF Base Amberley, Queensland