Mar 182014

Having come to Noosa in 2002, we purchased a new boat to work the river and venture offshore. It soon became apparent that our 4.55mtr run-a-bout was not ideal for the Noosa Bar and the changing off-shore conditions.

We spent from 2004 to 2006 researching seaworthy boats in the 5.5 to 6.0mtr range – cuddy or half cabin.

We were frustrated with a lot of the major suppliers because we had to deal with sales personnel who really did not know a great deal about the product they were selling, nor instilled any confidence about the actual product that would be delivered at the end of the day. There was little scope for customizing to our own requirements or any assurance that requirements would be incorporated.

Therefore we set out trying to find a reputable boat builder, who had an operation the size of which would allow us to have input during the building process.

By pure chance, on a trip back from Hervey Bay, my wife sighted a boat from the Highway in a yard at Gympie that she thought was pretty good. I returned to Gympie some 3 weeks later and had a good look over the 6.2mtr and having had a lengthy talk with Frank and viewed his welding shop, I decided there and then that Frank was the man to build me a boat.

We decided on the 5.8mtr (really 6.3mtrs as everyone else measures theirs) with twin engine set up. The building process was a greatly satisfying experience as our own requirements were happily accommodated during the building process. Frank actually encouraged frequent visits during the building process.

The end product was superb; looks, finish, handling and ride and above all its seaworthiness. The seaworthiness has been put to the test on numerous occasions in some very ordinary conditions way out to sea and the boat came shining through.

Frank and his team stand behind their product and their after sales support and service is second to none. We have now owned the boat for two years and my decision to buy the Vindicator product has been greatly rewarded. I could not think of a better boat to buy. It will be the best we will ever own!

Well done Frank & Team

Fred & Elizabeth Van Vugt – “Jagger” – Noosaville

Vindicator 5.8m Half Cabin